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The Future of Work

Globalization has opened the doors for more trade and increased investments across the borders. Should this not be entirely positive? Unfortunately the trends show that the right to organize and the right to strike are under attack in many countries. LO-Norway invites you to an international conference at Folkets Hus in Oslo.

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Time: 13 February 08.30-12.30

Place: Oslo Kongressenter, Hall C, Folkets hus, Youngsgate 21, 0181 Oslo

The conference starts with a panel discussion on what role Norwegian actors play internationally. Participants are Hans-Christian Gabrielsen, President of LO-Norway,  Kristin Skogen Lund, Director-general of NHO, Hadia Tadjik, Deputy leader ofThe Norwegian Labour Party and Anniken Haugli, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. Conference Moderator is Marte Gerhardsen, manager of the Norwegian think tank "Agenda".

Conference Program

Background. ILO is the UN's tripartite agency working for the development of standards and rights in working life, and an important global player for achieving social justice. In over 100 years the goal has been a safe and organized working life. Not only are we far away from this goal, we are seeing developments heading in the wrong direction. Towards the ILO 100th anniversary in 2019, ILO will work with "Future of Work" - a world commission where over 150 countries will organize national discussions. Kristin Skogen Lund, Director-general of NHO, is Norwegian participant. 

Conference  registration:  Please send an e-mail to:
There are limited places at the venue, so please register early. If you have any food allergies, please let us know. 

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