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This is LO

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO-Norway) is Norway’s largest and most influential workers’ organisation.

Publisert 03.03.14, endret26.04.14

All aspects of society are the sphere of action and interest of LO. LO is often consulted before the Government adopts its approach to social and economic matters. LO is represented in task forces and committees preparing and drafting legislation and reforms. Among the subjects of particular concern to LO are:

  • combating unemployment
  • decent work for all
  • no social dumping
  • social security and equal opportunities for all groups in society
  • equal rights
  • a safe and healthy working environment
  • external environment
  • international solidarity and co-operation

Neither LO nor any of LO’s national unions are affiliated to a political party. However, the trade union movement has objectives which can only be achieved through political resolutions.
This means that the trade union movement must also work on the political front to ensure proper influence on behalf of members’ interests.

Throughout its history, LO has maintained a close relationship with the Norwegian Labour Party. The Labour Party is a social democratic party which builds on the same fundamental ideas as those held by the trade union movement. LO also has contacts with other political parties and interest groups demonstrating understanding for the views of the trade union movement.

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