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Tariff 2018

Warns of Strike

LO demands a stop to mediation. Warns of STRIKE in the LO-NHO trade union jurisdictions

If mediation does not lead to results by the deadline set at 7 April 24.00 h, the strike commences when working hours start, at 06.00 h on Sunday 8 April.

Who would be called out to strike?
The strike encompasses around 30 000 LO members in the private sector. More members may be called out but there is a mandatory four-day period between their strike notice and the first day they go on strike.
Apprentices are excluded from the strike.

Why has LO broken off mediation?
It was not possible to reach a solution during mediation.

  • LO wants to fill the gaps in the collectively agreed pension scheme in the private sector (AFP) for those who undeservedly have fallen out of the scheme towards the end of their working life and to ensure hard-working people a decent pension from the age of 62.
  • LO also wants to ensure the lowest paid workers a decent service pension and demands that they acquire pension rights from the very first NOK.
  • LO demands increased purchasing power for all.
  • LO will prevent social dumping by obliging employers to pay travel, board and lodging for posted workers.

Practical information
The industrial action is organised and executed pursuant to guidelines issued by each of LO’s affiliated unions. If you are in doubt as to whether the notice to strike applies to your company, contact your union as soon as possible. LO’s district offices will also be able to assist.

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